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What Makes ME Happy?

I have read, read, read, read and read some more to try to understand what has happened to me.  My final verdict?  Emotional terrorism.  Now, I’m 56 days out and realizing that things that aren’t real don’t last.

So I’m on a journey to focus on me and figure out what makes ME happy.  Me, the girl woman who truly existed before he came in to my life and took it over like the terrorist he is.  So, here is a preliminary list of what makes me most happy:

My kids, of course

Spending time with others

Singing karaoke

Painting – ceramics, pictures, walls, houses

Designing/decorating my living spaces


Taking long walks

Talking on the phone

Garage sales and/or auctions

Joel Osteen

The library

Chickflicks or Sci-fi movies

Making love

Listening to my music


Being an EMT

Gardening and yard work

Playing at the park


Going to the bar



Country-western dancing


Sleeping in

Weddings – even after 2 failed ones

Happy e-mails

Laying in front of the fireplace

First kisses


Getting my nails done

Snow falling

Android phones


Clean sheets on my bed