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Tonight, I Hate

Lying in bed and wishing that I had a solution…a quick and easy fix.  Unfortunately, I knew getting away from him would be neither quick nor easy.  I escaped with my life, for which I’m grateful and my sanity, which I now cherish in a way I never did before.  He was driving me insane at a slow, determined pace.  I have seen this compared to a frog and a pot of water.  If you drop a frog in to boiling water, it will jump out and save itself.  If you put a frog in to a pot of cold water and bring the water slowly to a boil, the frog will remain in the pot and cook to death.  So it was for me…if dear hubby had shown his “crazy” right from the start, I would have run.  But, since he waited and gradually made life more and more intolerable for me, I just kept dancing faster to stay one step ahead of him.  Sick and twisted, if you really stop and think about it.

So tonight I hate him – for putting me and my children through so much and more yet to come, I fear.