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But I Don’t Like to Snuggle

My marriage has been an up-to-this-point less than stellar forray into the world of remarriage.  It’s been full of the typical cliches: disappointment, resentment, passive aggressiveness, hurt feelings, snarky comments, cold shoulders, frustration, misunderstandings, yada yada yada.  I thought I had married him for all the right reasons.  You know like I loved him, felt like we were on the same life path, wanted the same things out of life and had a common goal for our children (that they not end up as ax murderers, perhaps?).

So imagine my surprise last night, while lying in bed, when Dear Hubby throws out the comment, “but I don’t like to snuggle” as I burrow my frozen tootsies in his direction.  This follows a comment he made a year or so ago, in the midst of a sex frenzy, when he mentioned he hates kissing.  Now he brushed the kissing comment off on being intoxicated and I let it slide.  The snuggle comment, though, not so much.  Me: “What do you mean”, Him: “Well, what guy does?”, Me: thinking to myself “guys who want sex” but instead saying “everyone I know”.  Ok, so I don’t have a Johnson & Johnson survey to tell me so but who doesn’t like to snuggle with their significant other?  To burrow in to their neck and breath in their smell that is only them?  I sigh just considering the possibility of a snuggle with Dear Hubby.

Apparently, Dear Hubby doesn’t feel the same way.  He despises romance, romantic movies, terms of endearance and anything that resembles having feelings for another human being.  Did I know this when we married?  I did not.  Did I have a gut feeling?  Yes I did.  And I followed my heart rather than my head.