A Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter & Woman…Overcoming Domestic Abuse With God

I realized today that in 3 weeks my baby girl will be leaving for 4 unsupervised weeks with her “father”.  The abusive bastard who tore our lives apart, attempted to take my child away and nearly mentally/emotionally/physically/financially ruined me.  But he has rights…more rights to parent his offspring than said offspring has rights to be safe, validated and loved. 

I feel sick.  I have hives.  I want to run away with my children to a small Bolivian country.  I don’t understand God or his “plan”.  I don’t see any plan.  I see a meaningless life without end (hear my “victim voice” screaming out?) and my sunshine and roses attitude is just bullshit to help me get thru the days.  How do I endure this?

I thought to myself this morning, “you are just too stupid to quit…anyone else would have quit by now.”.  Is that stupidity or strength beyond measure?


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