A Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter & Woman…Overcoming Domestic Abuse With God

We Got 50/50

Finally had the temporary custody hearing today and I think it’s a mixed blessing.  We each get her on alternating weeks, I get $202 in child support, he pays half of daycare and we are each responsible for her expenses on “our” week. 

I have never spent a single night apart from her in her almost 19 months and this breaks my heart.  But I have already arranged through my work to take early lunch hours on my days I don’t have her.  This means I will only go without seeing her for two full days on his week with her.

We did get joint restraining orders but the judge felt the domestic abuse wasn’t a factor in child custody.  BLOWS MY MIND!  He can call me names and treat me like dirt in front of the kids but it doesn’t affect them?

I pray he will finally see how much work goes in to parenting and decide he doesn’t want her all that much.  Maybe he will get back in to racing the race car so he will be extremely busy 7 nights a week.  Who knows.

The important thing is that he didn’t get her full-time and that I will really only not see her on his weekend.  Feels like crumbs at this point.


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