A Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter & Woman…Overcoming Domestic Abuse With God


So much has happened and yet I feel as if time is standing still.  Let me give you a timeline:

3/31 – hubby drove us across 4 lanes of traffic without looking during one of his rages.  I stay the night with my daycare provider.  He doesn’t call.

4/1 – moved in to the shelter with my four kids, taking only clothing, shoes & toiletries.  He finally calls and leaves a voicemail that he’s changed the locks so I can only get in through him.

4/4 – he sends an email to my work asking me to “settle this”.

4/9 – I reply to his email that I will respond if he remains civil.

4/11 – find out that dear hubby filed for divorce on 4/7.

4/14 – filed my paperwork for temporary custody and support.

4/15 – receive a text message from him that he is cancelling my cell service as of 4/19.

4/16 – finally receive a response to my email.  He wants to see the baby (only took 17 days!) and he hopes we can have a good relationship moving forward.

4/17 – receive another email; this one only asks when he can see the baby.  I block his email addresses.

4/20 – receive a confirmation email from Verizon.  My cell phone service shuts off within a half hour.

4/21 – call the cell phone provider and resume my service since dear hubby only suspended it and didn’t change the billing password.

4/22 – receive paperwork from my attorney that dear hubby has alleged things against me (as if he’s a victim).

So now I’m left wondering what crock of lies dear hubby has cooked up.  I’m sure its going to be a doozy


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